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Right now, we have 15 ambitious up and coming professional leaders on our board.

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Interestingly 67 percent of them are women and all of the officers, the positions, are filled by women. Moderator Donella M. To make change easier, Anderson recommended to have very clearly defined goals for the organization, clear and transparent communication for all members.

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Of course, as you make little milestones and you see new members coming on, celebrate those wins. No matter how small the win is, celebrate the win.

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Anderson went on to add the change she has witnessed within the organization. As the portion of the panel wrapped up, Wilson directed one of the final questions toward Anderson, asking what should boards stop doing in order to improve. Anderson said from her perspective, after spending years of her career on boards, members need to stop coming into meetings with all of their opinions.

Boards are the highest governing authority within a management structure in a company.

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And they need to understand how the company is performing financially and if the company is operating in compliance with standards. You can watch the entire discussion here. Business Journal panel.

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Business Journal panel October 8, Momentum e-Newsletter -Up. All Rights Reserved. Let's Connect.

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Women faculty face bias at UCLA business school, study says