Raw passion and sensuality

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topic Next topic. Passionate Sex - Raw, Loving, Sensual Is it a yes or no? Very curious and look forward to all your replies. In my opinion, there is nothing hotter than primal fucking The bites and pounding The animalistic noises made. Is the best bunnie. I agree it's really all about the connection that there is between the two involved. I think that even a middle of the night hard fuck when still half asleep. Is a form of making love. Makeing love doesn't have to be sweet, soft and gentle.

You need to sometimes have sex with someone like you don't care about them because you do so very much. The truth of the matter is that sometimes you're just too overwhelmed to find the ability for slow, lingering sex.

You have to get out the passion and have to do it then. Oohhhhh, I Totally agree with all the ladies Then you can cuddle after basking in the glow.

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There is a time and place for everything. Sex is like love itself. Sometimes it's sudden and passionate like a lightning strike.

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Sometimes it needs to be savored like the last days of summer, lingering and warm. Sometimes it needs to be regimented and directed. And it is ALL necessary to a healthy relationship. I call this primal type sex 'scrogging'. Aggressive often drunken sex characterized by the sound of bodies slapping together, a general lack of traditional tender romance, and licentious screams of "oh baby" and "do you like that" and "fuck me harder and slaps, smacks and groans Yes, I like it like that!

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The slave loves it like that! Master James. Bunnie wrote:.

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Now on the more serious side of this question. Yes, for Me, Its about the experience of having that connection; deep, real, passionate, and burns to the core of who you are when in a session with that special someone. Follow us on Twitter. For billing inquiries, please visit ccbillour authorized sales and service agent.

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The most loved post in topic. OOOOoooo bunnie said a naughty word!! For shame!!

Raw passion and sensuality

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