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She was very antagonistic toward my relationship with my son. And she takes particular umbrage at the fact that Morton invited the National Enquirer to cover his wedding. It is a role, his dad suggests, that Morton has played better than Dudley Moore did on the big screen. For a family whose members closely guard their privacy, the public airing of such family matters is unusual but far from unprecedented.

Thirty-five years after the fact, rumors continue to circulate that Irvine had rung up large Las Vegas gambling debts at the time and that they might have been somehow related to his death. If it were, it would be one of the most interesting stories ever written about life in California.

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After all, this is a family whose patriarchs and matriarchs have schmoozed with Presidents, foreign dignitaries and movie stars, while largely avoiding the glitz and other trappings of celebrity, not to mention the unflattering focus of the tabloid press. But all that concern for discretion and decorum appeared to go out the window last month, when Morton set off a full-scale family feud by proceeding down the aisle with Campbell, a Long Beach nurse, trailed by Enquirer photographers and reporters.

I thought middle-class America would eat this up. He is the finest rider who ever lived and the world knows it. I had no idea about the severity with which the Enquirer was approaching this thing. I told them that my dad was not to be discussed. I wonder whether my kids will ever get to know my father now. And some of this would become embarrassing to us. I was not in favor of any marriage for him right now, particularly not this marriage.

How long would you like to watch that? Every man who has a son hopes for something great. Penniman III. All Morton carried was a bellyful of beer.

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He said the family has not come to appreciate how hard he has worked to become a successful mutual fund salesman. It had nothing to do with her background.

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Irvine Smith and Campbell, a year-old pediatric oncology nurse at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, have both spoken of difficult times in their relationship. With the whole clan assembled at the Oaks ranch in San Juan Capistrano, including family matriarch Athalie Clarke, Irvine Smith said her three sons stood--one by one--to pay tribute to her with toasts. It was terrible. At the time, Morton said, he and Campbell were seated at a side table when she made a private quip. Morton said that it was not disparaging in any way toward his mother and that Campbell did not stand, nor did she shout, as his mother suggests.

My mother is the type of person who thinks there are cameras everywhere and guns are pointed at her back. I have nothing against my parents. I love my parents. In the past few days, Irvine Smith has been listening as the family feud has become public.

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And local residents, some familiar with the family and its long history in Orange County, have been listening. There may be more to this than we need to know, or have a right to know. A lot of rich people own and disown their. James Irvine : A Scotch-Irish immigrant who, with three partners, purchased more thanacres of land from to in what was then southern Los Angeles County. Irvine wanted the land to raise sheep and sell the wool on a large scale.

Bought out partners in13 years before Orange County was incorporated. James J. Irvine II : Just 19 when his father died. Continued to live in San Francisco and did not inherit the family ranch until he was Incorporated the ranch in as the Irvine Co. Not interested in ranching, he developed land into a massive agricultural center, growing citrus orchards, lima beans, sugar beets and other row crops.

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Died while trout fishing in Montana. Groomed to take over the presidency of the Irvine Co. Survived by his wife, Athalie, and his only child, Joan. As a young woman was a commercial artist and taught at the Los Angeles art school. Served as Republican delegate to many presidential conventions and encouraged both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

Member of the Irvine Co. Board of Trustees and, with her daughter, pushed for a master plan for the ranch that included the city of Irvine. Donated millions to expand UCI. At age 4 decided her name was too hard to pronounce and changed it to Joan after a nursery rhyme character.

Spent summers hunting, fishing and horseback riding with her grandfather.

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At age 24 replaced her mother on the Irvine Co. Transformed the family company into a sleek corporate entity, then sold her Sold that stock and almost immediately went to court to fight for triple the money that other company stockholders were getting. Four times divorced and the mother of three grown sons. An avid horsewoman, philanthropist and art patron. Morton says his mother has voided his inheritance. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

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Joan Irvine Smith Son Chooses Love Over Family Ties : Relationships: Marriage to a woman of whom his mother disapproves may cost Morton Smith an inheritance of up to $ million. But in his heart, he says, he did the right thing.