Marine corps swingers

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I need your help or your advice in a hurry. I figured I had to do whatever necessary to keep my husband happy because there are many times when he is away for different schools, training and other things. Vicki, now my eyes are open to a new revelation. There is a military community of Swingers! Now my husband wants us to hook up with couples of all ranks across the military. I feel like this is going too far, but I want to keep my husband happy.

I know my mother would not be happy if she found out what I was doing. I just want me and my husband to keep our business between us and not let this spiral out of control. Then everything would be OK. We are already discussing boundaries with other couples, like discussing with each other before we are intimate with anyone. My husband would have to know who I am with sexually and vice versa. I only need you to help me think of all the things that could go wrong in this situation and how to negotiate with my husband about our interactions with other couples.

We have a big party next month with several other couples at a resort. Please help me sort out the important issues of this situation ASAP. Thank you for writing me to help you negotiate with your husband about this important issue in your marriage. However, from the tone of your letter I get the impression that you are already in above your head. Before you know it, you will feel like you are facing the strong waves of an ocean riding in a canoe.

In reading your letter, it appears that you are thinking about only one thing: Making your husband happy.

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There are some other things I think you should think about. What if this is not enough to make him happy? Suppose he wants more? More women, more tricks, more of this or that. What will you do then? What about sexually transmitted diseases? You have to realize that you may have a big mess on your hands. About three or four years ago, I had a letter from a swinger couple and the wife became pregnant by another man. What would happen if you got pregnant now?

Listen, you are an adult, but I think you are hesitant about this situation. In your defense, every woman wants to please her man -- including me. Honestly, I try very hard too. You can share and explore the heights of intimacy together. If you invite other people into your bed, you will lose that.

If I were you, I would forgo the trip to the swinger resort next month. Spend the time connecting with your husband one on one. Your husband has an empty space or a hole in a ificant place emotionally that he is trying to fill up by having sex with multiple women.

Moreover, you could be having more marital problems that you realize. This could be a reason for the big shift or focus on bringing other sexual partners into your marriage in order to avoid spending time solving major marital issues.

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For this reason, marital counseling would also be my recommendation to provide support for you and your husband to strengthen your marriage. I'm getting a divorce from my Marine Corps husband. Her plastic surgery went wrong, and now she needs a breast implant removal. But will Tricare pay?. Will Tricare pay for a tubal ligation? And are there any rules about how old you must be?

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The VA home loan program offers low-interest rates and an option for no down payment. But who is eligible for a VA loan? Spouse Relationships. He Wants Us to the Swingers. Dear Ms. Vicki, I need your help or your advice in a hurry. Related Topics: Family and Spouse Marriage.

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Marine corps swingers

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