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Practitioner's Guide to the Adam Walsh Act. NCJ. Author s.

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Lori McPherson. Date Published. This article provides an overview of what the practitioner should know about the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act ofwhich was ed into law on July 27, SORNA has two notable provisions that pertain to the work of local prosecutors.

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Second, it established a new baseline sex offender registry standard for the jurisdictions to achieve; however, local jurisdictions are free to enact more stringent requirements. Failure to achieve "substantial compliance" with SORNA's requirements in a timely manner will result in an annual percent reduction in Byrne Grants the jurisdiction receives. A review of the general requirements of SORNA addresses the tier deations for sex offenders and associated frequency of registration; the information required from all tiers of sex offenders in their registration; the location of registration; DNA, fingerprints, and palm prints of registrants; public notification; removal from the sex offender registry; and retroactivity.

SORNA's application to juvenile sex offenders is also discussed.

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Miscellaneous provisions of the Adam Walsh legislation pertain to discovery in child pornography cases, bail, and immigration law. In addition, the article informs practitioners about the constitutionality and retroactivity of SORNA. Additional Details Sponsoring Agency. Corporate Author. National Ctr for the Prosecution of Child Abuse. Publication Format. Publication Type. United States of America. Downlo No download available. Availability Find in a Library Order Photocopy.

Local sex Walsh

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Practitioner's Guide to the Adam Walsh Act