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Download the PDF Version. Librarians and other library professionals provide essential services for schools, universities, and communities.

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Americans go to libraries for free, reliable, and well-organized access to books, the Internet, and other sources of information and entertainment; assistance finding work; research and reference assistance; and programs for children, immigrants, seniors and other groups with specific needs, just to name a few. This fact sheet explores the role of library staff in the workforce, the demographics, educational attainment and wages of librarians, as well as the benefits of union membership for librarians and other issues faced by library staff.

This is most likely due to the widespread health and economic impacts of the COVID pandemic, which forced the vast majority of libraries to close for at least part of the year. Before the pandemic, employment of professionals had been gradually declining after hitting a peak ofin In addition, library patrons accessedpublic computers million times during Eighty-four percent of public libraries offer technology training programs, 73 percent provide programs to assist patrons with job applications and creation, and 59 percent offer assistance with finding and applying for health insurance.

Among young people aged 16 to 2984 percent believed libraries provided them with necessary resources. Millennials aged 18 to 35 had the highest usage rate of any generation, at 53 percent. Duties and Roles of Library Professionals. Library professionals also teach classes, organize library collections, and tailor programs to a variety of audiences, including young children, students, professionals, and the elderly. Library assistants have similar roles as library technicians, but may have fewer independent responsibilities.

Where Library Professionals Work. Fewer work at elementary and secondary schools Diversity and Demographics of Library Professionals. The librarian profession suffers from a persistent lack of racial and ethnic diversity that has not changed ificantly over the past 15 years. Library technicians and assistants were slightly more diverse.

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Among library technicians and assistants, Black and African American professionals make up 10 percent of the education workforce, while Hispanic and Asian professionals represented While Americans over 55 ed for Educational Attainment. Women and Library Professions.

Inwomen were However, Black women only ed for 4. Library Worker Earnings and the Wage Gap. Librarian earnings vary ificantly from state to state.

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Library staff compensation also varied based on the type of library employer. Pay inequity remains a persistent and pervasive problem in society. Inmedian weekly earnings for women in all occupations were Though library occupations are predominantly held by women, a wage gap still exists in the profession. Inwomen working as full-time librarians 35 hours or more per week reported median annual earnings that were only 92 percent of the median annual earnings reported by men.

The toolkit includes sections on how to determine fair compensation for librarians, advocating for raises, identifying pay inequities and salary negotiation tips. Importantly, the toolkit identifies union organizing and collective bargaining as an effective means to increase librarian pay and increase equity in the workplace. Health Benefits. In73 percent of librarians had health insurance through a current or former employer or union, and librarians working 35 hours per week or more had a much higher coverage rate of While 3.

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Though Just 62 percent had employer-provided health insurance inthough the rate was higher for full-time library assistants at 84 percent, leaving 6. The Union Difference. Unions are an important way for library professionals to negotiate collectively for better pay, benefits, and working conditions. Unions work to elevate library professions and secure working conditions that make it possible to provide professional service.

Librarians and library worker union members have leveraged their collective voices to earn fair wages and stronger benefits. Wages and benefits earned by union librarians and library workers are more commensurate with the skilled and professional nature of library work. Inthe last year comparative data was available, union library technicians earned 49 percent more than their non-union counterparts. Union members are more likely than their non-union counterparts to be covered by a retirement plan, health insurance, and paid sick leave.

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In94 percent of union members in the civilian workforce had access to a retirement plan, compared with only 67 percent of non-union workers. Similarly, 96 percent of union members had access to employer provided health insurance, compared to 69 percent of non-union workers. The staff came together to organize a union in order to gain a say in how the university was approaching the COVID pandemic, including layoffs, pay cuts and reopening plans, as well as to address persistent concerns about pay equity, paid family leave and increasing worklo.

I believe in the Augsburg mission and I think our union will give us the security Augsburg employees need to better live that mission and serve our students. In Pittsburgh, librarians and other professionals at the Carnegie Library worked with their recently-organized union, affiliated with the United Steelworkers, to successfully demand that library employees should not be required to report to library facilities and should be paid regardless of their ability to work from home.

In Aprillibrarians represented by the American Federation of Teachers AFT in the University of California system successfully ratified a new collective bargaining agreement for The contract includes historic raises, totaling between In January30, teachers, librarians, counselors and other educational professionals went on strike in Los Angeles for six days.

Prior to the strike, many schools only had part-time librarians. But as part of the United Teachers of Los Angeles, an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers, they negotiated for a historic collective bargaining agreement that included a six percent pay increase over the length of the contract, as well as an increase in the of nurses, counselors, mental health professionals and librarians in schools, guaranteeing that at least one full-time librarian will be in every LA secondary school.

As the COVID virus spread across the country in Marchpublic life began to shut down, including most, if not all, public libraries. In response to the crisis, many library systems have adapted to provide virtual programs for children and highlight the many e-books and other digital downlo available in their collections. Other libraries deployed their 3D printers to produce face shields and other personal protective equipment and extended the availability of free wi-fi so visitors could access the internet from library parking lots.

There is no doubt that the services library professionals provide are essential for members of their communities, especially those who are the most vulnerable. However, as many states and localities have begun to lift stay-at-home orders and in-person services, many library professionals are being forced to risk their health without sufficient personal protective equipment and lackluster health and safety plans. In many localities, library budgets are on the chopping block as tax revenues have declined during the pandemic. As vaccination rates increase and many public libraries, schools and other organizations reopen their doors to the public, library administrators need to include library professionals and their unions in decision-making about the short-term and long-term future of libraries and library services.

June Census Bureau. Current Population Survey Microdata. University of Maryland College Park. October 1, Pew Research Center.

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June 21, Source: U. American Community Survey Microdata. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Table Employed persons by detailed occupation, sex, race, and Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, Annual Averages, Census Bureau, DataFerrett. Current Population Survey.

Tables Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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May April Union affiliation of employed wage and salary workers by occupation and industry. January 8, March 31, June 24, Library Professionals Employment, Institutional Variance in Compensation Library staff compensation also varied based on the type of library employer. June [i] U. Factsheet Katie Barrows June 10, Facebook 0 Twitter LinkedIn 0 0 Likes.

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Independent black women sex workers in Augsburg

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