I want a cool girlfriend

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There is so much misinformation out there on what it takes to be a great girlfriend. Understanding how men think and what they need in a relationship makes an enormous difference in the way you are able to relate to one another. The top prerequisite for being in a great relationship is to be your best self. A trap that many people in relationships fall into is blaming their partner when problems arise.

Rather than seeing what they can do to make things better, they blame him for not being what they want and think that if only he did XYZ, then everything would be fine. All you can do is bring your best. When you do this, the other person will usually rise up and match you at this level. The man, in turn, gets frustrated that nothing he does seems to be good enough. Eventually, he gets discouraged and stops trying and she feels even more resentful. Men do not pick up on nuances and subtleties in the same way women do, they need things spelled out in a clear and direct manner.

If you tell a guy something he is doing that is upsetting or hurting you in a loving, compassionate way, I guarantee he will try to fix it. Freud is regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in psychology and even he had no idea what women want, so how do you expect the average guy to do it? Most arguments in relationships stem from deeper underlying issues that never get discussed or resolved. From there a big fight may ensue over something trivial while the real issue goes untouched. The problem is that we usually love others the way we like to feel love.

Women typically feel loved when a man is being giving and attentive to her and her needs. What a man deeply desires is feeling acknowledged and appreciated for what he provides. He wants to feel like his efforts were a success—this applies to everything he does from taking you out for a fancy dinner to taking out the trash. If he takes you out on a nice date, acknowledge and appreciate him for it and tell him you had an amazing time.

Men are typically more responsive to compliments about something they have done rather than who they are. When a woman really sees and appreciates her man, it makes him feel like the ultimate winner and he will do anything to keep her happy.

Another important relationship skill is to try and see the intention behind an action and appreciate that. I have a personal example for this. Years ago I was dating a guy and one night he called and asked if he could come over. Where could he be?

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Why is he even bothering to come over this late? Why do I have to wait up for him when I just need sleep! He finally showed up carrying something that smelled delicious. The mistake I made was in looking at the action him being laterather than the intention him wanting to do something nice to me happy.

Another major difference between men and woman is in the way they handle stress and difficulties. While women typically seek out their friends and want to talk about it, men would rather retreat into the proverbial man cave and deal with it on their own. If your boyfriend seems stressed and begins to withdrawjust let him be. If he wants to talk about it with you, he will.

They get into a relationship and the guy becomes the sole center of their universe.

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This is never healthy! For one thing, it kind of puts your relationship in a holding pattern and creates a scenario where you can be dating for years and years without taking the next step. Another reason not maintaining your own life outside of the relationship is problematic is you may end up staying in a bad relationship for far longer than you should have because, well, you have nothing else to go back to.

Men typically fall in love with a woman in her absence, not her presence. It gives you a break from the emotional intoxication of relationships so you can see things more objectively and it takes some pressure off the relationship so it can unfold more organically. It will keep the passion and lust alive in your relationship and also, it feels really good to a man when a woman puts in effort to look good for him.

The whole thing is so backward. A guy friend once lamented to me that his girlfriend had put on about 15 pounds since they started dating and canceled her gym membership. This is another tip that will enormously help your relationship, but also your life in general. Men cannot resist a woman with a smile. In fact, every guy I know has said a positive attitude is the one most attractive quality a woman can have. This kind of energy is infectious, it draws people toward you, and it makes you the kind of woman he wants to be with forever.

When your guy comes home, greet him with a smile…and then vent if you had a rough day and need to let it out. Try to see the good in all situations, both in your relationship and outside of it. The things that happen in our lives, for the most part, are neutral, what makes them good or bad is our perception and the thoughts we attach to that event. I love writing relatable, insightful articles that help people understand relationship dynamics and how to get the love they want.

I have a degree in psychology and have spent the last 10 years interviewing countless men and reading and studying as much as I can to better understand human psychology and how men operate. If you want to get in touch with me, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram.

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Great work Eric. You guys are a God send! I have many wonderful friends whom are all very intelligent and I love dearly. I just really want to thank you guys and tell you how awesome you are. Keep up the great work. Eric-first I want to say your amazing since reading your website you have taught me so much!

So i met this guy at a restaurant we ended up chatting for about 30 min he talked about his bad luck im dating etc. About a month later after texting we went out again and had sex again and now 3 weeks later we still text. We are pretty mature people so hes not that typical guy to judge just because we had sex.

I feel like its in a limbo and he hasent asked me out again but still texts. Im starting to feel like its dumb I want to be honest and say whats up because im straight forward. Him not asking me out is crushing my ego like I said i want to be mature and say what is up or do the fade away.

What should I do? Would you please give tips though on how to handle a what appears to be a jealous man but would not admit but instead give you a silent treatment sulking for days and when he does, I chase him just to re assure him, but the more I chase, the more he does not respond.

I feel like if I just ignore him and not let him feel reassured, that I will make it worst and he will withdraw completely and not contact. But this chasing and still being ignored, just drive me even more mad and eventually I am the one that feels insecure.

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Great article, would love to see this but for being a great boyfriend! I wonder how to tell in a lovingcompassionate way that it must not be seem like a fake way. It would be interesting if you give some patterns how to tell in a loving way if he does something wrong or hurts you.

I noticed that me and my boyfriend have communication issues. There is one thing that I am upset about when he does it. It is that during a fight, he will carry a harsh tone, say harsh words and blabber things that make me feel he was not listening to my feelings. May I enquire how can I minimize this from happening?

My advice, find someone you can share understanding with. Leave a note on his car for when he gets out of work or buy him a small gift. Men like those things too. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except as expressly permitted in writing by A New Mode, Inc. Written by Sabrina Alexis. How Do You Find Love? When a Guy Doesn't Text Back Is He The One? How To Know For Sure Leave Your Comment Now Pris So well written, I will try it out and hope it improves my relationship with my bf : thank you!

Ashanti Godiva You guys are a God send! Mou These things are so true. I wish I knew them earlier. Kim Eric-first I want to say your amazing since reading your website you have taught me so much! Nikki Great article, would love to see this but for being a great boyfriend!

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Doodoo I noticed that me and my boyfriend have communication issues. If you want something accomplished, give him time and incentive to get it done. Search A New Mode. Recent Relationship Forum Activity I sure can pick em!! About Does He Like Me?

I want a cool girlfriend

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