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If you want to meet and get out well marry a Cypriotyou should know that there are hardly any criminal offenses.

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Cypriots are a hardworking nation, constantly setting themselves up as an example. Check out how we work - from early morning until late at night, we live by this service, and you? Many Slavic girls marry just the Pontians, because they speak both Russian and Greek. Cypriot men very friendly, especially single ones. You go into a shop and they will ask you where you came from, what is your name, what hotel do you live in, for how long, etc.

They will speak up to hiccups : Women are not so welcoming. Presumably, the Slavs took away all the suitors. And they are not very different in beauty. A large part of Cypriot women are "slightly overweight". And when you can get them to talk, the Cypriots will definitely make friends with you. They are very modest. When meeting Cypriots on dating sites, in order to successfully get married, you need to know that traditionally Cypriots do not drink wine. But vodka and beer - in huge quantities. Although they do not have drunkenness, like the Russians, they cannot imagine their life without bouzouki traditional music.

Almost everyone can dance sirtaki. And what is most interesting is that during the winter holidays, half of Cyprus go to Thailand to rest. I wish you a wedding in Cyprus: announce your hobby, fill out the compatibility test, this will help Cypriot men know better about you. If you want a husband from Cyprus: wait 2 days until the profile on the dating site with Cypriots is activated, meanwhile look at the profiles of the grooms of Cyprus.

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Getting married in Cyprus is now easy and simple. Log off get married very much for the Cypriot just : the wedding date is announced, invited from thousands of relatives and friends, money is accepted as a gift, after which many guests go home without even looking at the banquet.

This is normal situation - since in Cyprus it is believed that young people need to be helped to start a separate from their parents a life and this is a must! Invitation over the phone is considered extremely bad form. Of course, for those closest to you organize and table and house not more than manand the rest play the honorable role of the mutual assistance fund. Despite the fact that banks offer a variety of mortgage programs for newlyweds, they still need to make at least a down payment for apartment it is provided by those invited to the wedding.

Weddings because of the big quantity invited usually are celebrated in large hotels.

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Refuse going to an important event is impossible. Furthermore, " save " on his own celebration also will not work - you need to call virtually everyone! A profound "Let's see! The first month we spent on finding out the place, the second - on the timing.

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How many times during this time I heard "Let's see! Therefore, for me, the quite harmless word "let's see" is something like a red rag for a bull. Until recently, I thought it was my personal linguistic feature: to boil after some particularly hated phrase.

I am from a family of philologists, which means that my parental genes had such a weird effect on me. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that such things happen not only to me, but also to girls who have nothing to do with philology. By the way, after a short survey of acquaintances and girlfriends, it turned out that there are so many unloved phrases from Cypriot husbands that one can make up a real hit parade of them.

The worst reputation on my list is for tomorrow. The Cypriots make this promise for any reason. The word "tomorrow" for the Cypriot is a kind of shield behind which he is hiding. And the point is not at all that he is not going to fulfill this promise. He just wants to be left alone at this specific historical moment and not to injure his psyche with unpleasant asments. Therefore, it is easier for him to say "Tomorrow" - it seems he did not refuse, but, on the other hand, any tomorrow can always be postponed to the day after tomorrow.

Cypriots sincerely believe that there is no point in being torn to pieces today if you so want to take a break from all worries. The second most popular unloved phrase: "But my mom does it differently! From which we can conclude that his mother does it not only differently, but much better! Moreover, this phrase is used for any reason: from the discrepancy in cooking and dusting to the choice of furniture and the purchase of toys for. My neighbor Tanya is very offended by her husband if he cites his mother as an example: you need to feed your son, as his mother once fed her children, and talk to him in a mother's manner, and even fill the crib and dress the baby as his mom did it.

And when Tanya asks her husband if he was really so conscious in infancy that he remembered how his mother filled his crib, he replies that, of course, he does not remember this, but he is absolutely sure that his mother did everything right. Usually such conversations are in the style of "Alas, you are not like my mother!

Well, how can I explain to him that much of the way women fed, clothed and raised children during the time of his mother has already changed, how has our world changed? This does not mean that I should stop buying diapers for my baby just because they did not exist in the days of his mother's youth!

The phrase about mother came in second in terms of frequency of use, but from the point of view of the resentment and indignation that it causes in the heart of a Russian woman, it can be put in the first place. In third place is a hackneyed phrase that many women who married Cypriots have to listen to several times during the day.

Yannis, the husband of my friend Sveta, works in the office for half a day, spends Saturday and Sunday at home, doing what he likes. Yes, and at work he is not particularly killed: he always has the opportunity to lock himself in his office with a key and take an hour nap while the secretary answers all the calls.

The phrase "I'm bored! It can be boring almost everywhere. For example, on the beach, 20 minutes after the Cypriot came there. He managed to swim, looked around everything, lying in the sun - it's hot, reading books - his eyes get tired, newspapers - the wind is blowing. And in general, at home, on the couch is much more comfortable. But most of the complaints about boredom are among Cypriot men during working hours: as a rule, they complain that they have nothing to do.

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According to them, this is one of the reasons why they get so tired. Change immediately! From time to time, a similar expression is used: "You will only wear this at home! As a rule, everything that is short, tight-fitting, slightly transparent, bright and even white is taboo - because such clothes can attract the attention of other Cypriots. The reputation of the wife does not matter here, in no case should you attract attention to yourself. For Russian women, this phrase is also unpleasant because it creates a certain of problems: we are used to dressing in such a way that passers-by gasped and groaned with delight, but here, you see, we need to completely change our style so that the husband does not get angry.

It is clear that no woman dreams of this. Russian people also watch TV, but we, unlike Cypriots, do not believe everything that is said there. We are accustomed to receiving information not only from TV, but also from books, newspapers, the Internet and even, I'm not afraid of these words, scientific literature.

With Cypriots, everything is different: they are not inclined to reading - I suppose this is partly due to their impatient nature, partly due to the lack of habit. Therefore, it turns out that the TV is the main source of information about the world around us. All tourists only dream about him. In fairness, it should be noted that not all Cypriots think so. I know many families where representatives of not only the younger, but also the older generation travel with pleasure.

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They are so used to it, they like it and even the current crisis has not changed this tradition. This phrase mainly belongs to people from poor families. For example, my husband's classmate Grigoris grew up in a simple family. When he was little, his parents were not able to travel, because they simply did not have the money for it. Then the children grew up, the material situation in the family became better, things improved, but they still did not go anywhere - now just out of habit. His father promised his wife to take her to England all his life, but in the end he only took her to Crete twice.

As a result, both parents and children did not see anything except Cyprus. And now the children have become adults, they already have their own families, but, based on the example of their parents, they absolutely sincerely believe that there is no need to go anywhere, on any vacation - a waste of money when they have their own sea, sun and beach nearby. I wouldn't be surprised if their children grow up with the same beliefs. I am familiar with many Russian women, for whom such "iron logic" is a real disaster.

No matter how paradise Cyprus is, there are many other countries and beautiful corners in the world that I would like to visit. We, who come from a country with a harsh climate, find it difficult to imagine that we could spend our whole life on vacation on the shores of the same lake, next to the same forest and enjoy the spectacle of the same landscape.

And even if this is a truly delightful place, in a year or two a Russian person will certainly want a change of scenery, and, most likely, a radical one. You're from Russia! Cypriots are convinced that if we come from a cold country, in the Cypriot winter we need to be allowed out into the street in one T-shirt, short skirt and shoes on bare feet - we will not only not get sick from this, but even become healthier. For a long time and popularly I tried to explain to everyone that at home we do not want half-naked on the streets, we try to take care of ourselves, and here, in a climate alien to us, we get sick very easily, just standing in a draft for a while.

Each time they listen to me attentively, agree, advise to take care of yourself. And a week later they ask the same question. The eighth place was taken by the phrase: "You are to blame! At work, as a rule, all the blame falls on the shoulders of the boss, the friends themselves are usually to blame for the quarrels with friends, but the wife is to blame for all family troubles.

With Cypriot women, such a will not work - she herself is not averse to finding the culprit: you can argue with her for a year and never agree to anything. That is why it is easy and pleasant to blame them for the "deed" for her husband: he let off steam and did not quarrel. When a wife gets into trouble at work, her fault is also entirely hers difficult character. The woman is to blame for the financial problems of the family a month ago she bought herself shoes, and this month she also needs a dress for some reason.

She is guilty of a loose handle in the bedroom it opened the door too abruptlyand in the bathroom, the hanger unscrewed she hung a towel on it incorrectly. She is guilty if she is tired after work and is not in the mood to go to a restaurant with her husband he told her that at work it is not necessary to give all the best. This is what a friend told me. She parked her BMW in a half-empty parking lot and headed to the store.

When she returned, she found that someone had crushed her car. The girl was lucky: there were witnesses to the incident, so the culprit was quickly found. But her husband blurted out to her, "You are to blame! So you are still to blame! Phrase nine: "Will your parents give us money?

Hot wives Cyprus

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