Girls wanting sex Bosnia And Herzegovina

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Women's and Girls' Reasons for Migrating Of the thirty-six women and girls surveyed for this report, twenty had migrated from Moldova, eight from Ukraine, and eight from Romania. But here it is like a prison. There's no money, there's no work, and it's expensive to study.

There is a crisis in Moldova. Due to the fact that the living conditions in [Moldova] are very hard and that I lost my job, I met the person named Tanja I could get a lot of money over there [in Italy] by working in the shop or [as] the cleaning lady in some hotel. Two of the thirty-six women said they needed to support children left at home. One trafficked woman, a mother of a five-year-old son, gave testimony to the court in Doboj in He refused to return it. According to the sworn testimony she gave in Doboj:.

I told [the owner] that I didn't want to work there anymore and that I wanted to see my child I told him, "I earned my 1, Deutschmarks, and now I want to buy a ticket to go back home and to take some money back to feed my.

In Ukraine we have nothing to eat. Recruiting Practices Only three of the thirty-six women and girls said they had answered job advertisements in newspapers. In fifteen cases, women stated that friends or acquaintances had promised them "good jobs" abroad, only to trick them and sell them to traffickers. Ten of the women were promised jobs as waitresses, four as dancers, five as housekeepers or cleaning women, one as a shop assistant, one as a nurse, and one as a tangerine harvester in Greece. One Ukrainian woman in her mid-twenties trafficked in told us, "When I came to work here, [the traffickers] tricked me on the way.

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We had a visa, and everything was fine at first. But when we wanted to leave, the owner sold us. They told me that I would be a dancer, but then I had to be a prostitute. I have been here seven months [since August ] I came from Romania. A woman helped me across the border. She is a Romanian woman who lives with a Serb man I was locked in and tricked. One evening they put me in a car and brought me to [a] bar. I came to work here in a bar.

I knew nothing when they took me to Serbia-I was sold there four times to different men. While some of the women were willing to work in the sex industry, none of them anticipated that they would be sold or forced to pay off large debts. As one woman trafficked into Prijedor in told IPTF investigators, "The girls were obliged to dance, drink a lot and go into their rooms with anyone. All girls were working three months for free. We were eating once per day and sleeping hours per day.

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If we would not do what they [the owners and guards] wanted us to do, the security guards would beat us. Trafficking Routes and Transportation The women and girls reported that the traffickers relied on ground transportation and small boats to move them from one country into the next, often selecting routes that avoided official border crossings.

Some women and girls crossed at official posts using false passports or hidden in trunks or boxes. The routes zigzagged across countries, leaving the women and girls disoriented and making escape difficult. Throughout their journeys, women and girls reported switching cars repeatedly and finding themselves locked in apartments or houses, constantly guarded by traffickers and, in some cases, dogs. One Moldovan woman, interviewed by Human Rights Watch during her stay at the IOM shelter in Sarajevo in Aprilreported that she was bought and sold by traffickers four times.

Six of the women reported that they were forced to strip naked in front of potential "buyers. Traffickers then transported her across a river by boat. Although she was promised a job harvesting tangerines in Greece, traffickers took her to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Traveling at night with two male escorts, she and several other women crossed over another river by motorboat, and then switched back to a car, ending up at a small house. There, traffickers ordered the women to undress.

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When she refused, the trafficker took her upstairs where he beat and then raped her. Traffickers then sold her to the owners of a bar in Prijedor. They have recruiters who sell [the women] on the border In Belgrade [capital of the neighboring Federal Republic of Yugoslavia] there is some kind of a collective center. They have someone in Belgrade who makes false passports. The woman goes to the photographer and In a typical case, a woman trafficked from Moldova in the summer of told Human Rights Watch:. Another guy asked me to work for him, and he bought me. I stayed there for a little while.

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I was sold two more times, and they took me to Bijeljina. I lived at home with the [owner's] wife and kids for one week.

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One guy [name withheld] came with a friend and he bought me I was locked in. I told him that I wanted to go home and he said that I had to pay off a debt [her purchase price]. After the women and girls arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina, most of the purchasers were local Bosnians, but in some cases, women and girls were purchased by members of the international community. I was sold in Bosnia. My movement was restricted completely. I could not go anywhere. In Dubrave village, Tuzla municipality, at the Harl[e]y Davidson nightclub, one [local policeman] was very often in the club.

I recognized him in the photo showed to me by the local police for Crime Department Tuzla. I was beaten very often if I refused "to work. Every time we were threatened to be sold to Serbia Until Kevin was deported on a weapons charge, 52 the Moldovan woman lived with him in a private house in Dubrave. Before departing, he returned her passport, which he had held. Women faced constant threats that if they did not cooperate, they would be sold again to other, more "dangerous owners. He just put us in a car We came here, and the owner here told us that we had been sold and that we had to work off our debt He said that he would sell us to another man Conditions in the Nightclubs Women and girls trafficked to Bosnia and Herzegovina and held in debt bondage described abysmal conditions and mistreatment.

In three cases made known by the NGO Lara, the women experienced severe beatings at the hands of owners and guards for failing to cooperate. Several others complained that they were "psychologically tortured" by the owners. All of the women told investigators that they were not given enough to eat. The bedrooms, located in a small corridor behind the bar, reeked of perspiration and other bodily fluids.

The bathroom facilities were completely inadequate for the five women forced to share the tight and filthy quarters. Condoms littered the floor, and the bed sheets were dirty. The bar was dark. The four women interviewed told Human Rights Watch that the managers, a husband and wife, forbade them to leave the bar.

Some of the women who were accepted into the high risk and low risk IOM shelters in Sarajevo exhibited serious physical injuries as well as psychological trauma. As Amela Efendic, a member of the IOM staff in Sarajevo, told Human Rights Watch, "They [the women] come with cigarette burns, syphilis, gynecological infections, head injuries, and fractures.

Souren Serydarian, a U. Also, in a vicious cycle, these diseases can spread to infect partners, families, and break down entire communities. Although employers generally promised the trafficked women that they could keep 50 percent of their earnings after they paid off their debt, this rarely occurred in practice. In some cases, owners arbitrarily extended a woman's period of debt bondage and simply refused to split her earnings. According to A. We could not leave.

Girls wanting sex Bosnia And Herzegovina

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