Eating female ass

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According to Evan GoldsteinMD, CEO and founder of Bespoke Surgicala sexual-wellness company specializing in anal-related health, sex acts involving the booty and anilingus in particular is becoming increasingly common.

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While there isn't super-recent data to back up that observation, one study of 1, heterosexual men found that within 30 days, 24 percent had performed anilingus on their female partners, and 15 percent had received it. And, TBH, these s are surprisingly low considering the volume of memes we see you, Barstool and pop-culture references surrounding the practice.

So while ass eating may be pretty mainstream in certain facets of media, IRL, people seem to be a bit more hesitant.

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My friendsfor instance, have questions about how sanitary the act is. So, I took my friends' questions and concerns to Dr. Playing with mouths is a higher-risk play activity than digital play, says Sinclair. Still, she and Dr. After all, oral-anal sex can be seriously pleasurable.

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According to Dr. But, regardless of the conversation status, Sinclair says using a dental dam is always a smart practice for helping to protect yourself. Translation: half-assed literally wipe jobs just don't cut it. Okay, okay but accidents happen, so what if your tongue does happen upon some remnants of a two?

Is there any reason to freak out?

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But of course, if you start to feel ill, talk to your doc and be honest about what transpired so they can test and treat you and your partner for the appropriate bacterial and viral infections. And regarding the other possible not-pleasurableif your partner is experiencing a bout of IBShas food poisoningor has an upset stomach, just keep the tossed salad off the menu.

So, it's worth asking about their BM sitch before getting down to business. The bottom wink line: Dining downtown is safe and sanitary as long as you and your partner practice safe sex and have good hygiene.

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If that's the case, go head and dive mouth-first into the underworld. Your official excuse to add "OOD" ahem, out of doors to your cal.

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Facebook Pinterest Twitter Youtube Instagram. S alad tossing. Ass eating. Kissing the chocolate starfish. Almond joying. Booty jobbing. The very fact that there are so many nicknames for anilingus—which, at its most basic, involves some M-to-B action—points to a cultural curiosity around oral anal sex. Related Stories. Loading More Posts Featured Collection. Close Close.

Eating female ass

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Asking for a Friend: Is Anilingus Safe…and, Like, Sanitary?