Do you want a good spanking

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Spanking: The ultimate guide to introducing some discipline in the bedroom? Here are some tips from the pros No longer soley the reserve of committed Fifty Shades fans, being taken across the knee for a spot of disciplining has gone mainstream. So where to begin? Taking it up a level…. Breaking the taboo. The bottom is near the genitals so when spanked there is an increase of blood flow through the whole area causing intense arousal.

Regulating traffic flow. Mix things up.

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Should I be pushing the boundaries? Ready to spank?

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Silent Spank Furry Paddle. Table tennis Credit: Rex. Marie Claire is supported by its audience.

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Your entire body is a receptive organ.

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According to Jess, half the fun comes from simply breaking the taboo of spanking. Read your partners body language. But always be listening out for that safety word because the minute they want you to slow down or be gentler, you have to listen. One system that works well in this scenario is the traffic light system. Technique wise, Jess recommends mixing things up. At least then it is out in the open, and it will show that your relationship is strong enough to withstand that kind of conversation.

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Do you want a good spanking

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Why Do People Love to Be Spanked During Sex?