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Girl has something to say and we need to listen:. I remember the exact day I read this quote. I saw the world very differently, but I always kept that side of me to myself… you see I grew up in a very traditionally Latin and religious home. If you know anything about this you know it was a very strict household. I was not allowed to do a lot of things. As a good Christian girl, I had certain expectations that were always placed on me and they had everything to do with behaving well, how others saw you, what the thought and lets be real being a lesser version of who I really was.

I became really good at hiding this side of me from everyone — even my closest friends. I became a master at hiding my true feelings behind my bitch persona. I built this wall around me so others could not see what I was working on behind that wall. It took me years…. But with this new found self came the loss of a few so called friends. As well as, looks and comments from many — my family included.

This was tough. I cared a lot.

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How can others criticize me for being me? How can you be mad, or jealous because I want to live my authentic life.

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So I make it a point to try and pull up my fellow Queens every chance I get. I would never judge another woman for owning her shit, working through it and coming out on the other side scarred up and tattered, but still standing with some extra sass in her step because of all she has fought. We are all in this together ladies. If I could wave a wand so every woman could love herself unconditionally I would do it in a heartbeat and boy would this world change with some quickness. Being surrounded by these 3 strong women Erin and Randi who made me feel like a Kardashian….

Minus all the filters. Lol I have never felt more beautiful and sexy. I can do pretty. I love getting all glammed up and dressing for the occasion but sexy is not something I can naturally pull off. Remember my religious upbringing… sexy is not a good thing.

By the time I got the nude portion of my shoot I felt unbelievably comfortable in my own skin.

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It was something very different for me. I dropped all the negative thoughts that cluttered my head. I said FU to all the shit I carried with me for years. We all are.

Albany New York nude women

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